Standard I. Number Concepts:

The mathematics teacher understands and uses numbers, number systems and their structure, operations and algorithms, quantitative reasoning, and technology appropriate to teach the statewide curriculum (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills [TEKS]) in order to prepare students to use mathematics.

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Numeration Systems      
Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers      
Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers      
Addition and Subtraction of Integers    
Multiplication and Division of Integers      
Mental Math and Estimation      
Prime and Composite Numbers        
Greatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple      
The Set of Rational Numbers      
Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers    
Multiplication and Division of Rational Numbers    
Whole Number Comparison      
Integer Exponents      
Scientific Notation    
Operations on Decimals      
Ratio and Proportion      
Computing Interest      
Clock and Modular Arithmetic      
Real Numbers      

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