Math Concepts at UHD


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This site organizes internet resources such as interactive practice with explanation and project ideas especially if science is integrated. Further, the resources are aligned with the new standards for beginning  Mathematics (Grades 4-8) educators and UHD's Math Concepts courses content. It is our goal to facilitate the process, for our future teachers, of effectively learning to integrate technologies and science in their future instructional practice by using it beforehand. 
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    This website is maintained by E. DeLaVina. 
    Fall 2002 updated by Kelly Wroblewski..
    In 2000, this website was designed and created by E. DeLaVina & A. Pucio. 
    Project funded by an Edgrid grant 2000-2001. Initial Project director Richard Alo, CCSDS
    Project faculty members: M. Nakamura, E. DeLaVina, CMS. Project student members: 
    G. Vastine, A. Pucio 

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